Publishing your video or article on MrBool

Publish your post or video on is a task pretty simple: only you need to do is contact our web Editors and send your material.

If you want to publish an article or video tutorial, please contact Estevão Dias at

They will help you in the process of publishing your post and be a member of Mr.Bool Team ;-)

And the best news: every post published (and approved) on is paid!

The total amount you gonna receive depends on many factors (quality of the post, ie) but the important is - you always receives something for your job.

Below some tips of get your post approved and published on

  • is a web site for software developers - do not forget that focus.
  • please, do not send duplicated content (i.e. cross-posted elsewhere). As every site on the web, we are interested in publish original content.
  • organize your article in sections and subsections. Its a good idea to use subtitles to create topics.
  • Write an article or make a video about a subject only if you really know about that.
  • We recommend at least 1 image for the article.
  • We reserve the right to make editorial changes to grammar and technical content.
  • Once the article is published at, please do not republish it in another website.
  • We will review all posts submitted and provide feedback in few days (or few hours).

Thank you so much for your intereting

Mr.Bool Team