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MrBool is totally free and you can help us to help the Developers Community around the world

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Understanding Test Methods

Testing methods are an important part of software testing life cycle. There are various testing methods available. In this article I will discuss the testing methods which are widely used in software industry.

Various test techniques are developed in test cases to get more efficient testing. Through this, software wholeness is supplied and situation of testing which acquire the maximum prospect of verdict errors are selected. As a result, testers cannot deduct which test cases to select, and the test techniques permit them to plan testing situation in a methodical way. If one combines all sorts of accessible test techniques, one will get better outcome quite if one uses only one test technique. Software may be tested in three different methods:

  • Black box testing
  • White box testing
  • Grey Box Testing

Black Box Testing

This kind of technique of testing exclusive of having any awareness of the internal mechanism of the application is Black Box testing. The tester is unaware to the system structural design and does not have right to use to the basis code. Naturally, while performing a black box test, a tester will interrelate with the system's user forms by given inputs and investigating outputs without any knowledge the how and where the inputs are worked on.

There are different types of Black Box Testing, as describe below:

  • Equivalence Partitioning: This can decrease the amount of test cases, as it distributes the input data of a software element in separation of data as of which test cases can be consequential.
  • Boundary Value Analysis: It focuses more on testing at limitations, or wherever the excessive limit values are selected. This consists least, most, just within/exterior limitations, fault values and characteristic values.
  • Fuzzing: It is used for discovery execution errors, using misshapen/partially- misshapen data inoculation in a computerized or semi- computerized assembly.
  • Cause-Effect Graph: This type of Black Box testing is a method, in which testing starts by creating a graph and establishing the relation between the consequence and its causes. The interdependency between consequence and effect expresses by the four basic signs which are; identity, negation, logic OR and logic AND.
  • Orthogonal Array Testing (OAT): OAT can be useful to problems in which the input field is quite small, but also large to contain comprehensive testing.
  • All Pair Testing: In this technique, test cases are designs to implement all probable distinct combinations of every pair of input parameters. Its main purpose is to have a set of test cases that covers all the pairs.
  • State Transition Testing: It is helpful for testing state engine and also for steering of graphical user interface.

Advantages of Black Box Testing

  • Fine suitable and resourceful for huge code segments.
  • Code admittance is not necessary.
  • Easily distribute user's point of view from the developer's point of view by visibly clear roles.
  • Huge amounts of reasonably expert testers can test the application with no information of execution, programming language or operating systems.

Disadvantages of Black Box Testing

  • Restricted Coverage as just a chosen amount of test scenarios is really performed.
  • Incompetent testing, because of the reality that the tester only has incomplete information about an application.
  • Blind Coverage, because the tester cannot aim exact code parts or error specific areas.
  • The test cases are not easy to design.

White Box Testing

White box testing is the full examination of inner logic and configuration of the code. It is also called open box testing or glass testing. In sort to carry out white box testing on an application, the tester needs to acquire information of the inner operation of the code.

White box testing is a test case plan method that uses the manage construction of the technical plan to obtain test cases. White box testing can expose execution errors such as deprived key managing by analyzing inner mechanism and configuration of a section of software. This type testing is relevant at addition, component and system levels of the software testing process. In white box testing the tester needs to have a look in the source code and locate part of code is behaving incorrectly.

There are different types of White Box Testing, as describe below:

  • Control Flow Testing: CFT is a structural testing policy that uses the function control flow as a model control flow and special treatment much more other than simpler paths over smaller amount but difficult path.
  • Branch Testing: This type of testing has the purpose to test each choice (correct or incorrect) on each organize declaration which also contains composite conclusion.
  • Basis Path Testing: It allows the test case plan to construct a reasonable complication assess of technical plan and then uses this determine as an approach for demarcation a essential set of implementation paths.
  • Data Flow Testing: In DFT the control flow graph is annoyed with the details about how the plan variables are describe and used.
  • Loop Testing: This type of testing completely focuses on the strength of loop assemble.

Advantages of White Box Testing

  • To establish the testing of the software there isn’t any requirement to remain for the design, just begin the White Box Testing.
  • Since cover all probable paths of code so this is a systematic testing.
  • Here tester can request about execution of every part, so it may be likely to take out idle lines of code which may be caused beginning of errors.
  • Through executing correspondence use to approximates the partitioning.
  • Since the tester is conscious of inner coding configuration, so it is useful to obtain which type of input data is desirable to testing software function efficiently.
  • It allows helping in the Software code optimization.

Disadvantages of White Box Testing

  • To test the software a extremely expert resource is needed to bring out testing who know the bottomless acquaintance of inner configuration of the code which boost the cost.
  • Here updating of test script is mandatory if altering the execution too commonly.
  • If the application in test huge is volume then comprehensive testing is not possible.
  • It is not probable for testing every state/situation of software application, which may overlook the errors in code.
  • This type testing is very expensive.
  • To evaluate each one by one line or path is nearly impractical effort which might initiate or fail to spot the errors in the code.
  • To test all paths or situation might necessitate diverse input situation, so to test complete function tester require generating fill series of inputs which might be a time overriding.

Grey Box Testing

Grey Box Testing is a method to test the function with restricted information of the inner mechanism of a function. In software testing, if you know the techniques very well then you can carry a lot of weight when testing an application.

Expertise the domain of a system forever provides the tester an edging over somebody with partial domain information. Dissimilar with Black Box Testing, wherever the tester only tests the software application user interface, in Grey Box Testing, the tester has right to intend credentials and the database. Having this awareness, the tester is capable to enhanced organize test data and test scenarios when constructing the test plan.

Grey Box Testing method will enlarge the testing treatment by allowing us to point out on every threads of any composite structure during the grouping of all presented White Box and Black Box testing.

There are different types of Grey Box Testing, as describe below:

  • Orthogonal Array Testing (OAT): OAT utilize as subset of every probable combinations.
  • Matrix Testing: In matrix testing the standing report of the development is affirmed.
  • Regression Testing: Whenever editing or new addition is made in software, regression testing implies execution of test cases.
  • Pattern Testing: This type of Grey Box Testing validates the good quality application for its construction and plan.

Advantages of Grey Box Testing

  • Provides mutual reimbursement of Black Box and White Box Testing where probable.
  • Here the testers do not have faith on the source code; as a substitute they have faith on form/page description and useful condition.
  • A Grey Box tester can intend brilliant test plans roughly statement protocols and data type management on the basis of the especially incomplete information exists.
  • The Grey Box testing is prepared from the user’s point of view and other than the designer.

Disadvantages of Grey Box Testing

  • As the right to source code is not accessible, the capability to go above the code and test exposure is restricted.
  • If the software designer has already executed a test case on the application then the Grey Box Test can be Redundant.
  • Testing of each and every feasible input stream is impractical since it will acquire an irrational quantity of time; thus, several program paths will be untested.

Comparison among Black Box, Grey Box and White Box Testing:

Sl. No. Black Box Testing Grey Box Testing White Box Testing
1. The inner mechanism of an application is not necessary to be recognized. Fairly information of the inner mechanism is identified. Here tester has all information of the inner mechanism of the application.
2. It is also famous as Closed Box Testing, data driven testing and functional testing. Other name for Grey Box Testing is translucent testing because the tester has partial information of the inside of the application. White Box Testing also famous as plain box testing, systematic testing or rules supports testing.
3. Done by ultimate users and also by the testers and the software developers. Done by the ultimate users and by the testers and the software developers Usually done by the testers and the software developers
4. Based on external prospect. Internal performance of the application is indefinite Performed on the basis of data flow diagrams and high level database diagrams. Here internal mechanisms are completely known and also the tester can plan test data consequently
5. Consuming minimum time and extensive. Consuming average time and extensive. Consuming maximum time and extensive
6. It is not appropriate for algorithm testing It also not suitable for algorithm testing Most appropriate for algorithm testing
7. It can only be performed by guess and check method. If identified, data traits and inner restrictions can be tested. Here data traits and inner restrictions can be tested better than other.


To carry out software testing in more effectively we use three main methods as describes early. The aims of these methods are to determine the capability of application and acquire its required functionality. And also provide an autonomous view of the application to permit the business to welcome and understand the risk to implementation of the application. Hope you have learnt the testing techniques and you will be able to implement it in your testing projects. Enjoy reading in MrBool.

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