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MrBool is totally free and you can help us to help the Developers Community around the world

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Software Development Life Cycle: The role of Testing

Software development life cycle (SDLC) is an integral part of any software application development. Testing has a lot of influence in SDLC. In this article we will discuss the role of software testing in different stages of SDLC.

In every company, testing is the most vital and precious stage in the software development life cycle. But, the technique by which it is performed, dissimilar from one company to another company. Software testing has turn into a part of programming and it is good to begin testing from the first stage, to avoid complexity by repairing the errors at the last stage. Also in software development life cycle (SDLC) testing includes pick up consistency, interpretation and other major elements, which may explain under software requirement specification. Client may stay further for software delivery, but they don't akin to work with imperfection software. It is desirable to perform the testing process from the first stages, with consider to the Software Development Life Cycle to elude any difficulty.

Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is the procedure of mounting application with appropriate investigation, plan, execution and preservation.

Testing stages have lot of significance in SDLC due to a most important part in executing and fault rectification. SDLC phases are followed by testing and implementation sequence of all software. Here we are describing the phases of SDLC:

  • Requirements gathering and Analysis
  • In this phase of SDLC, suitable necessities of system are accumulated. All adjacent methods should be in focus. All types of estimation and examination of user needs are done in this phase.

  • System Design
  • In the second phase a basic system planning is done. After collecting the all statistics and data, a system design is done.

  • Implementation
  • In the next phase implementation of project is done. Respect to the system design, correct development is made to expand that design. According to the project programming language will be chosen.

  • System Testing
  • After the implementation phase, system testing phase take place to recognize the result of application. Testing is done to recognize the original result and the predictable result.

  • Operation Maintenance
  • It is the ultimate phase of SDLC, where the application which is implemented is spread to users who are answerable for conserving and using it for appropriate actions. The implemented application should be available for any adjustment to do in coding.

Extent of Software Testing

The basic job of software testing is to identify errors in order to reveal and spot it. The extent of software testing consists of implementation of that code in different domain and also to look at the features of the code does the software do what it is should be done and methods respect to the condition. It is proposed to begin testing from the first phase of the software development. This is not only aids in correcting the faults earlier to the last step, but also decrease the reworking of getting errors in the first step every time. It saves time as well as cost. It is a continuous method, which is probably nonstop but has to be stopped anywhere, for the need of time and resources. The basic need of the testing is to provide best quality product without taking so much time and money. The test engineer has to pursue some technical way by which he/she can review that all the points of necessity for testing have been covered or not. A register should be created for keeping records of the day to day test cases. Presently in the IT Field, a testing group might be divided from the development team. There are several roles for testing team members. Whatever outcome derivative from testing may be used to accurate software development process.

Estimating Software Testing

There is requirement for estimating the software, at the phase of implementation as well as after the software is completed for deliver. Though it is very complicated to estimate the conceptual controls but the controls are also very important to do estimation. The components that cannot be estimated have to be restricted. There are some vital uses of estimating the system.

Software estimation is used to defeat hazard such as:

  • Cost exceeds.
  • Identifying the problem raised part.
  • Illuminating objectives.
  • It also find out:

  • Evaluation of every act of the system.
  • Standards of the code which are involved to develop.
  • Way of upgrade the under implemented codes.

It helps to estimate the value of the application, price and attempt evaluation, set of information, output and achievement assessment.

Role of Testing in SDLC

  • Inception Phase
  • In this phase, a test engineer will get an opportunity to indentify the necessities of project. Normally the data are recorded by the architecture team in the architectural reference document. Data design, information design, system design are the main issues in this phase.

  • Elaboration Phase
  • In this phase, a test engineer will get an opportunity to indentify how the project is planned. This is a major phase, where the entire design of the project is documented in the JAD phase in the System requirement document, business requirement document, product requirement document commercial use cases. Planner, Commercial reviewer, project organization, execution, testing, maintenance of project teams etc are attended the JAD phase to give sign-off on these completed document.

  • Construction Phase
  • In this phase, programmers play an important role of building the application depends on the plan acknowledged during the JAD stage. Here tester group have to follow the programming group to identify several adjustments taken by the system. There may be any kind of fault which are overlooked by programmer, misapprehend the planed records, in that time, a tester can always rise the issue to the regarding programmer to solve the issue. A testing group requires developing the high level scenarios (HLS) on basis of the elaboration phase. High level scenarios may have more than one test case. A tester should ensure that all the necessities are discovered to a test case by a quality affirmation standard. It is mandatory to record test cases on the basis of all probable references of the newest modernized data and also signed-off.

  • Transition Phase

In this phase if any fault or errors are originate then these are test again and it goes though the regression testing. With the help of regression testing, consistent systems develop. By the helping of these testing methods, any fundamental result can be converted into a tough and consistent system.

Software Development Life Cycle Model

There are different types of Software Development Life Cycle models and every model is used in testing stage. So, its create testing a very essential element in any SDLC. With the help of different type of testing (e.g. assimilation tests, element testing, user recognition testing system testing and regression tests etc.) coder may produce a consistent and reliable application. Testing also includes some process e.g. test analysis, test plan, test design and test execution.

In any system networks, server system is measured as principal terminal and other procedure are known to be minor terminals. So, SDLC includes principal station and minor station for its approach of statement. Minor station has its own address and they are devoted to general port. SDLC is used for end to end communication and also for various isolated connections. There is lots of main equipment linked with SDLC. It is measured as the base of normal data connected model in ISO, esteemed information connection rules. SDLC are very well-organized models and used in well matched network with its own confidential appearance.

Most Importance of Testing in SDLC

In SDLC stage there are some most importance things as described below:

  • Recognition of Error and Faults
  • Testing step is one step which resolves the errors and faults in the software application. These errors may be in unit level or in system level. After going through so many testing the application will be free of errors that may be disturbing the application.

  • Statistics to Shareholders and Status of Organization
  • Testing stage helps to know the condition of product and work standards. The stakeholders get better data through testing stage about utility value too.

  • Enhancement in Product Standards
  • Testing can help to know the real result and the probable result. It also helps to pick up the standards of the software. With proper testing an application can come out of bugs and build up ideal software for the end-users.

  • Technical Significance
  • Testing segment is significant for technical characteristics of any SDLC, as the software then completed with technically satisfied.

  • To Succeed of any Contentious Programmers
  • Ideal testing functions and tools aid to evolve up the product in business and keep programmers away from the other contestant. Going though all stages of testing, the software application will be more bugs free, protected and technically sound.

  • Free from any Risk
  • Whenever going to develop any software, testing is an essential part. When develop software without any testing then it may cause lots of risks to the end users. To free everyone from any risk, it is essential that to go under all testing stages.

  • Enhanced Standards
  • Appropriate tested application provides additional assurance of build up with best software. Moreover, it refines standards of application as incessant and all types of testing stages have prepared a protected and harmless software application that could be worn by the end users.

  • Confirmation and Corroboration
  • One of the major targets of testing stage in SDLC is for confirmation and corroboration. Testing is greatly used in confirmation and corroboration method. Depending on the result we can compare among standards of several software application.

  • Credibility Evaluation
  • Testing stage also insist this important issue. If the software application has gone through all the testing types (like unit testing, regression testing etc.), the application will surely be a reliable one. So, testing evaluate credibility of software application. Testing provides the greatest analytical process to give equipped testing on product ensuing in a credible product.

  • Demonstrate Accessibility and Feasibility
  • One of the most significant targets of testing is to demonstrate the product is both accessible and functional. Accessibility testing is where the application is delivering to a select assembly of users and their functioning with the application is noticed. All type of a user's communication with the application, like easiness of applies and whenever users are getting troubles, are preserved and examined.

  • Avoid Fault Immigration
  • In the first stage of SDLC, most of the faults have been found. If the faults can be noticed earlier, then these may be prohibited from immigrating to the following progress stage. If the errors could be discover previously then the saving of software development cost will be vast.

  • Commercial Significance

A full tested software application will have excellent business aspects. As all are like to work with reliable and trusted application in commercial.


Testing has a significant part in SDLC although the testing also upgrades the standards of the software and programmed by recognizing errors prior in the system. It also upgrades the standard of organization.

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