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MrBool is totally free and you can help us to help the Developers Community around the world

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Running Data Pump SQL DB

In this article I will discuss the details of data pump. Data pump is a technology which enables high speed data movement from one database to another.

How Does Data Pump reach Data?

Data pump wires two rights of entry method to pack and unpack tuple row data: straight path and outside tuples. Since both procedures carry the equal exterior data demonstration, information with the intention is to unload with one technique can be encumbered using the supplementary organization. Data Pump mechanically chooses the greatest method proper for each tuple.

What occurs all through accomplishment of a Data Pump process?

Data Pump processes employ a system tuple, a system procedure, and member of staff processes to execute the job and stay way of growth.

Coordination of a Job

For each Data Pump send external job and Data Pump bring in job, a main procedure is formed. The main procedure gearshift the total job, including coordinating with the customers, creating and scheming a puddle of staff processes and presenting cataloguing operation.

Tracing development within a Job

At the same time as the information and metadata are being shifted, a main tuple is used to trail the development inside a process. The main tuple is implementing as a client tuple inside the database. The exact procedure of the main tuple for export and import process is as:

  • Intended for export jobs, the main tuple proceedings the position of database substance surrounded by a deposit file set. Export makes and organizes the main tuple for the period of the process. At the conclusion of an export process, the substance of the main tuple is on paper to a sleeve in the plunk sleeve set.
  • Intended for bring in jobs, the main tuple encumbered as of the put sleeve set and is worn to manage the succession of operation for locate substance that require to be import into the goal database.

The main tuple is produced in the plan of the present consumer performing the export or import process. Consequently, with the purpose of client ought to include adequate tuple space share for its formation. The name of the main tuple is the matching as the forename of the process that formed it. Consequently, you cannot unambiguously grant a Data Pump job similar name as a pre obtainable tuple or view.

Intended for all operations, the order in the main tuple is worn to resume a process.

The main tuple is either erased or deleted, on the basis of the status, as listed below:

  • Upon winning process conclusion, the main tuple is deleted.
  • If a work is stopped up by the STOP_JOB interactive dominion, the master table is retained for use in restarting the job.
  • If a process is killed using the KILL_JOB interactive command, the main tuple is deleted and the process cannot be resumed.
  • If a process closes without prior notice, the main tuple is retained. We can remove it if we perform not mean to resume the process.
  • If a process closed earlier than it start successively (so as to is, it is in the important condition), the main tuple is dropped.

Pumping Information: Lotus Notes and Database amalgamation

Conventional relational database management systems (RDBMSs) and function go halves influential apparatus for underneath coordination-based, outfitted system. Notes implementation, on the other hand, are most often used to manage and go halves institutions semi-structured in order, together with wealthy records substance such as accent and graphics that are stored and dispersed in an amalgam purpose gather. Moderately frequently applications that are inherent in on these miscellaneous systems require contributing to one another's information. We examine five harvests that smooth the progresses of this development by allow you to orchestrate and reproduce information sandwiched between these two platforms.

We are paying concentration on presentation, and the endeavor compulsory to form and uphold information duplication and synchronize function. If you have a lot of data to harmonize but only a little quantity of point in time, presentation is supposed to be your make a decision issue. But if your information harmonization wants are more multifaceted, you will be thankful for those goods that most with no trouble permit you to make and adjust your harmonization jobs. ODBC to the salvage: Contrasting the other yield tested, Casahl does not tender any direct record drivers of its own but pretty uses ODBC drivers full to Casahl from Inter solve. The typical Windows ODBC administrator use to describe and explain the extra than 70 ODBC information source supplied. Usual knowledge states so as to by means of ODBC will forever be slower than using direct record operators, since of the added software coating obligatory by ODBC. While this may be true in premise, we were agreeably astonished to find Replica-Action in the middle of the best yield we tested. We were also frightened by the capability of the Replica-Action server which stands top and shoulder on top of its competitor. Administration on what's more an OS/2 or Windows NT apparatus, a single Replica-Action server can support multiple Notes servers, and multiple Replica-Action servers can be installed to supply load balancing. The server executes stored procedures based on the configured database connectivity options. In this regard, it is similar to the server component of Lotus Notes Pump.

As an extra feature, the server offers an intuitive interface to create straightforward ad hoc data transport jobs. We were easily able to create a quick-and-dirty data importation job by selecting from the display source and aim ODBC data sources, and chart fields with easy point and clicks. This feature would make outstanding unconnected merchandise and is, in fact, similar to, but more influential than, Platinum Info Pump’s non-scripted mode.

We appreciated undemanding, uncomplicated approach to conniving harmonization and duplication jobs. Unlike Replica-Action, which gives you separate form for important a variety of duplication substance and then lets you construct those bits and pieces into a work, originator give you a single form within which to create the whole data transport submission. Which move toward is preferable depends on how many dissimilar type of jobs you need to build. Composer's four Job form are Import, Import RPC, Notes-to-Notes, and concurrent Link. All of the forms consist of manifold sections, reliable across the various forms, that define such items as the databases to be acted upon, how the data is supposed to be manipulated and processing schedules. Using originator concurrent Link Job shape, we were likewise able to describe a concurrent connection between Notes and our Oracle database. It is comparable to a Forms, and once definite, we could haul out on or after, and bring up to date to, the Oracle database (in concurrent) whenever we opened or save the Notes document. Originator exists in server-based, require no indoctrination and can update the outside database (with conflict declaration and rollback). Notes Pump was developed by Lotus subsidiary Edge Research, which also developed the Notes Hi-test C-API used by Notes developers. Additionally, a number of member of the Notes Pump expansion team were among the original designer of Platinum's InfoPump, which may account for some of its resemblance even though Notes Pump is Notes-based and Info Pump is Windows- and SQL Server-based.

SQL Server Database Connection

Use this technique shows which processes are at present exists in the organization.

We necessitate inserting the following predefined classes to insert:

Listing 1: Sample showing execution plan

The System.Data namespace provides admittance to lessons that signify the ADO.NET structural design at the same time as the System.Data.SqlClient predefined classes is the .NET structure Data supplier for SQL Server.
Declare and instantiate your SQLConnection purpose as shown below in post process
Dim con As New SqlConnection
SQLConnection class signifies an open connection to a SQL Server record.
Pass the SQL relationship thread to relationship thread possessions of your SqlConnection object.
con.ConnectionString = "Data Source=Server; Initial Catalog=Server; Persist Security Info=True; User ID=sa; Password=A1d4m1N"
The relationship thread value more often than not contain the subsequent :
Data Source - substantial server hostname
Initial Catalog - User’s database name
User ID - SQL username employ to attach to the server
Password - SQL username's password

Coding Snippets for Data Pump preparation using code base:

Listing 2: Sample showing execution plan

    BOOL      fSucce,
    DWRD     Win32ErrorCd,
    IFWXIOBuffer *pOBuf,
    UserContextType     UserDt,
    LPSOCKADDR ExternalAdd,
    INT ExternalAddressLeng
    DWRD dwDataLeng= 0;
    char *pchCurrent;
    HRESULT hr = S_OK; //Used for checking return values
    if (pOBuffer)
        hr = pOBuffer->GetBufferAndSize((PBYTE*)&pchCurrent, &dwDataLeng);
        if (FAILED(hr))
            _CloseSockets (TRUE);
            return hr;
        if (dwDataLeng == 0 || ! fSucce)
            return S_OK;
    CComPtr<IFWXSocket>    spExternalSocket = m_spExternalSocket;
    CComPtr<IFWXSocket>    spInternalSocket = m_spInternalSocket;
return S_OK;


At present there are positively a number of presentation improvements to be completed on the normal data pump process. They do need just a small piece of trying and trialing in known surroundings other than it might be a healthy value if the information presentation is an anxiety. With any luck, the piece of writing determination to have provided a number of troubleshooting and thoughts for solution and workarounds to a number of ordinary data pump presentation troubles.

Website: www.techalpine.com Have 16 years of experience as a technical architect and software consultant in enterprise application and product development. Have interest in new technology and innovation area along with technical...

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