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Online course

T-SQL Step by Step Course

Welcome everyone to the T-SQL course. Here you will learn all the basics of T-SQL. We will discuss the T-SQL features step by step. We will be using SQL Server Express 2012 (which is a free download). As a sample, we will use AdventureWorks 2012 as our database. Along the way, we will be creating our own sample databases to illustrate some key points. But AdventureWorks 2012 will be our main focus. As far as T-SQL, we will start with the simple select statements and add new features as we go. I will introduce you to the data types available so you can make the appropriate selection when creating a column. Then, we will talk about joins, functions, tables, procedures, triggers, indexes, and much more. By the time you are done with this course, you will be very comfortable using T-SQL.