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Silverlight 3

In this Silverlight Training Course we will create a simple Silverlight application and experiment with all the features available. We will look at the code and design screens. We also edit the XAML code to add a TextBlock and a Button to the page. We discuss the project template and see all the files available and the purpose of each. Finally, we run the application and display it in the web browser and view the html code generated. In the upcoming videos, we will dig deeper into the Silverlight features and learn more on Silverlight 3. Silverlight is supported by the common language runtime. It has features such as: 2D drawing, Media, Animation, Networking, and Data Binding.

  • Introduction

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      In this video, we start a new course on Silverlight 3. To create our examples, we will use Visual Studio 2010. In this video I will talk about the introduction of Silverlight.

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      In this video, we continue our introduction to Silverlight 3 by creating a Silverlight project and a web application that hosts it.