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Java jGrasp

In this Java jGrasp Training Course we will see a introducing to this development environment used to write Java programs. We will see over the course classes, how to create them, what they contain, and how to create objects in the main method. We will also discuss constructors, getters and setters, and many more.

  • Classes and Objects

    • 2


      This video continues our discussion of classes and objects. We start by adding more functionality to the Employee class. Watch this video
    • 3

      Comparing Classes and Objects

      We first continue the functionality in the Manager class. Then we move into implementing interfaces. An interface is a collection of abstract methods. The job of the class is to implement those methods. Watch this video
  • Components

    • 4

      JList Swing

      In this video I start my discussion on Swing components, specifically we will be talking about JList. We will create a ListFrame and build a list and a label within it. The list will contain numbers that represent the font (from 6 to 18). The list will be added to the North portion of the frame and the label will be added to the center portion. Watch this video
    • 5

      JTable Swing

      In this video, I am going to discuss how to create a simple JTable. It is simple because the data displayed within the table is static. We start by creating a JTable, adding the JTable to a JScrollPane, and finally adding the JScrollPane to the frame. Watch this video
  • Tables

    • 6


      In this video I extend the discussion on tables by creating a table the inherits the functionalities of the AbstractTableModel. The table slots will be filled using the formula Math.pow(r,c) where r is the row and c is the column. Watch this video
  • JTree

    • 7


      In this video we will build a JTree. The frame is composed of two sections: left (BorderLayout.WEST) and center (BorderLayout.CENTER). The left section contains a tree of categories (news, sports, and technology). The user will be able to expend and collapse the tree. Watch this video
    • 8


      We continue our JTree discussion in this video. In part 1 we stopped at building the tree. Here we add the Hashtable that contains the tree names and the URLs as key/value pairs. we built a JEditorPane that displays the web sites. Finally, we added the actions associated with the leaf nodes. Watch this video
  • Serialization

    • 9


      Description: In this video we continue our discussion on overloading/overriding by creating classes for employees and managers. Then we move into serialization. We need a way to write objects into a permament store. However, it is very tedious to write the objects one field at a time. Watch this video
    • 10


      Here we finish the application by providing a complete menu driven application that prompts the user for options. Based on the user's selection, we trigger methods that save the ArrayList to a file using writeObject in the ObjectOutputStream class, and retrieve the data from the file using readObject in the ObjectInputStream class and display the result on the screen. Watch this video