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Online course

Exploring Microsoft ASP.NET Ajax Server and Client Controls

Ajax is a combination of CSS, HTML, JavaScript and XMLHttpRequest. In this Ajax training course, we are using the Microsoft implementation of Ajax with ASP.NET . We will discuss the server and the client portions. We start with the download, and how to get everything ready to develop ASP.NET Ajax applications. Then we discuss the server version with the script manager and the update panel. Finally, we download the control toolkit from codeplex and we investigate the use of the controls.

  • Introduction

    • 1

      Starting with Ajax

      In this video, We will walk through an Ajax example, and we will see how to view the request and responses using Fiddler and Firefox FireBug. Watch this video
  • Ajax Life Cycle

    • 3

      Ajax Page Life Cycle on the server side

      In this video, we continue our discussion of Ajax. In the previous video, we have talked about the ScriptManager and the UpdatePanel and now we still go through the events PreInit, Init, Load, PreRender and Render. Watch this video
    • 4

      Ajax Page Life Cycle on the client side

      In this video, we continue our discussion of Ajax life cycle. We already talked about the life cycle on the server side and we found out that the same events are triggered as the ones in a normal page (with no Ajax). Watch this video
  • Ajax Control Toolkit

    • 5

      Ajax Control Toolkit 1

      In the previous few videos on ASP.NET Ajax we discussed the server version by talking about the Script Manager and Update Panel. Now we move to the client version of ASP.NET Ajax. The client side controls are called the Ajax Control Toolkit. Watch this video
    • 6

      Ajax Control Toolkit 2

      In the previous video I showed you three different ways of having the Ajax Control Toolkit installed. In this video we need to add the controls to the toolbox. In Visual Studio 2010, we can right click on the toolbox on the left and add a new ta Watch this video
    • 7

      Ajax Control Toolkit 3

      In the previous videos we discussed how to work with ASP.NET Ajax controls on the server side, and how to set up the control toolkit to work with the controls on the client side. I showed you couple of examples on how to use the controls. Watch this video
    • 8

      Ajax Control Toolkit 4

      As part of our discussion of Ajax Control Toolkit, today we will talk about the AutoCompleteExtender. This extender extends a text box and gives us the ability to have a drop down of matching options. Watch this video
    • 9


      In this portion of Ajax Control Toolkit, we will talk about the ModalPopupExtender. This extender will show a “dialog” to the user to take action. Watch this video