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Online course


In this T-SQL training course you will learn about the Transact-SQL that expands on the SQL standard. The query language that uses Microsoft SQL Server is a variant of the ANSI-standard Structured Query Language, SQL. The SQL Server variant is called Transact-SQL. Database developers and database administrators must have a thorough knowledge of Transact-SQL to read data from and write date to SQL Server databases. Using Transact SQL is the only way to work with the data.

  • Types of joins

  • CASE expression

    • 2

      CASE expression

      In this second lesson you will learn the importance of determine the amount of columns to return and how to create subqueries. Watch this video
  • SQL Server 2008

    • 9

      T-SQL Debugger

      In this video we will see how to debug a programable object in SQL Server, such as a stored procedure or a user defined funcion. Watch this video