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Online course

Course OLAP with open source tools

This OLAP training course focuses in the Online Analytical Processing technology as a tool to implement open source BI in companies by using the Mondrian and related projects. The main BI goal is to support the decision making process in any company by analyzing data in order to understand the available choices and alternatives before the decision makers can make up their minds. The videos in the course covers download, installation, configuration, BI concepts, customization and other technical aspects required to develop and deploy an open source BI solution. All the examples and scenarios discussed are presented in real world situations. The main audiences of this OLAP course are an IT professional that does not have any knowledge in BI and wants to start with technology. Since this OLAP training focus on beginners and explain every basic concept there is no business or technical BI requirements needed to be known before the start of the course.

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      First cube

      This video show how to create a data cube in Mondrian from the expense fact table stored in the database. Watch this video