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Course JavaScript

The purpose of this JavaScript Training Course, as the name implies, is to cover the details of the JavaScript language. The reason we need this is that JavaScript is a core language for web development, and it is mostly misunderstood. There are many powerful features in JavaScript that many developers are not aware of. Also, learning the core concepts of the language will make libraries such as jQuery easy to understand. We use JavaScript on the client side of our web development to make calculations, create menus, and validate user data before the form is submitted to the server. These are few of the JavaScript features. We will be using Firefox and its tools to test and debug the JavaScript code.

  • Introduction

  • Expression and Functions

    • 11

      Math Functions

      In this video we wrap up our discussion on regular expressions for now and introduce the Math object. The last functionality we talked about for regular expressions has to do with fixing a name to change it from one format to another. Watch this video
    • 12

      Date Functions

      In this video we continue our discussion of JavaScript objects. We talked about the Math class and all the static methods it contains. Watch this video
  • Arrays

    • 13

      Multi-dimensional arrays

      In this video we start our discussion of arrays. An array is a data structure that holds elements of similar types. For example, I can have an array of names, an array of grades, and an array of employees. JavaScript has the Array object with very powerful functions to create, manipulate, and sort arrays. Watch this video
    • 14


      In this video we continue our discussion of working with JavaScript arrays. We cover some the important methods that come handy when working with arrays. splice() help us remove and add some elements to the array at once. Watch this video
    • 16

      Passing by value and by reference

      In this video we discuss functions and how we can pass parameters to them. As we stated in previous videos functions are chunks of code that you can name and refer to any time you need them. Watch this video
    • 17

      Dynamic Functions

      In this video we discuss dynamic functions. We create dynamic functions using the Function constructor. We provide to the constructor the parameters as well as the body of the function. Watch this video
    • 19

      Recursive Functions

      In this video we will talk about functions that call themselves. We refer to this as recursive functions. These functions need to have carefully planned exit conditions. Watch this video
  • Loop

    • 20

      Break e Continue

      In this video, we will illustrate the use of break and continue statements. These statements come handy when we want to terminate the loop early or skip over a section in a loop. Watch this video
  • Objects

    • 21

      Literal Objects

      In this video, we explain the use of objects. JavaScript supports creating and using objects (although it is not a fully object-oriented language). Watch this video
    • 22

      User-Defined Objects

      After working with literal objects, this video continues the discussion by creating user- defined objects. We create a Book object (using a function), then we add the following functions: GetFeedback() and ToString(). Watch this video