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Online course

Course HTML 5 - an introduction of the new web language

In this HTML training course we will see what is new in HTML 5. This new version of HTML is not standardized yet. It is supported in some browsers like Firefox and Opera. Although the specification is not locked down yet, the browser support is mature enough to experiment with its features.

  • User Input

    • 9

      Number and email

      In this video we will continue with the user input discussion. In today’s discussion we will handle number, tel, and email. In the case of the number type, we will ask the user for his/her age Watch this video
    • 10

      Date and time

      In this video we are continuing our discussion of user input. For today’s tutorial, we will be talking about the different types related to dates: week, month, date, datetime, datetime-local, time. Watch this video
  • New Markup

    • 13


      In this video we continue the new markup discussion. When we display the page it does not look any different. To make the page more interesting, we added css. Watch this video