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Course ASP.NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010

In this ASP.Net course we will see the main innovations of ASP.NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010 IDE. It presents the conceptualization of new technology, which has It presents the conceptualization of new technology, which has good coding standard and simplified design to illustrate the key points

  • Master Page

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      Master Page FileMaster Page File

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      The main concept has to do with the MasterPageFile. Instead of setting that for every content page to be able to use a specific master page, we can set this property in the system.web of the configuration file.

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      PreInit methodPreInit method

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      We can load a different master page depending on a specific criterion. Since the merger between the master page and the content page happens early in the page life cycle, we need to make our modifications in the PreInit method in

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  • Localization

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      This video is a continuation of our localization discussion. One more item what I would like to add to the previous video is that calendars are affected by the culture you choose.

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  • Dynamic Data

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      Dynamic DataDynamic Data

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      In this video, we will start by creating a Dynamic Data web site and see what the template provides for us. We have a local database that we will use as an example

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