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Course ASP.NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010

In this ASP.Net course we will see the main innovations of ASP.NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010 IDE. It presents the conceptualization of new technology, which has It presents the conceptualization of new technology, which has good coding standard and simplified design to illustrate the key points

  • Silverlight

  • Master Page

    • 25


      In this video, we are discussing master pages. Master pages serve as a template to other pages within the site. Watch this video
    • 27

      Master Page File

      The main concept has to do with the MasterPageFile. Instead of setting that for every content page to be able to use a specific master page, we can set this property in the system.web of the configuration file. Watch this video
    • 28

      PreInit method

      We can load a different master page depending on a specific criterion. Since the merger between the master page and the content page happens early in the page life cycle, we need to make our modifications in the PreInit method in asp.net. Watch this video
  • User Controls

    • 33

      Manipulating User Controls

      In this video, we are going to discuss a different way of adding user controls to be used by the pages, and how we can add a property to the control that we can modify when adding the control to the page. Watch this video
    • 34


      In this video, we are going to talk about user controls with AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). Watch this video
  • Adding

    • 37


      The model is to manage the data, the controller is to interact with the user, and the view is to display the data Watch this video
    • 38


      In this video, we add the view to the method. We added some more text to the view and called the Index() method to display the view. Watch this video
    • 39

      Model - Part 1

      In this video, we continue our MVC 3 sample application by adding a model. Remember that a model is key to MVC applications. Watch this video
    • 40

      Model - Part 2

      We build the form by adding the text boxes, the drop downs, and the submit button. All of this will be done using the Html helper methods and lambda expressions. Watch this video
    • 41

      Model - Part 3

      One interesting feature of MVC is that in the httppost method we are able to pass the Visitor object as a parameter, and that parameter is passed to the new view as well. Watch this video
  • Data Access

    • 43


      In this Video, we talk about displaying data using tabular controls. In this case we need to access the data and display it in a grid. Watch this video
    • 44


      In the video, we will talk about Hierarchical databound controls. We will create a page that contains a menu and a treeview. Watch this video
    • 45


      In this video, we discuss template data access controls. Some of the controls depend on templates to display data. You use the templates to format the data the way you like. One of those controls is the Repeater. Watch this video
    • 49


      In this video, we will look at different ways of working with a BulletedList. We will see how to set some of the list properties (DataTextField, DataValueField, BulletStyle…) and also change the display mode of the list and make it hyper links. Watch this video
    • 50

      Gridview Details

      In this video we will see that the grid knows to display a boolean value, we will display an empty one that will read its values during runtime from a list of names (using DataSource and DataBind properties) and also we will work with a master/detail example. Watch this video
    • 56

      GridView Events

      In this video, we continue our discussion of the GridView in ASP.Net by talking about the events that the grid handles. Watch this video
  • Localization

    • 67


      In the video, we talk about localization. When creating a web site, you might have users from all over the world. Watch this video
    • 68


      This video is a continuation of our localization discussion. One more item what I would like to add to the previous video is that calendars are affected by the culture you choose. Watch this video
  • Global resources

  • Dynamic Data

    • 70

      Dynamic Data

      In this video, we will start by creating a Dynamic Data web site and see what the template provides for us. We have a local database that we will use as an example Watch this video
  • Controls

    • 71


      In this video we are continuing our discussion of ASP.NET advanced features. Specifically, we will be talking about access controls Watch this video