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Android Course: Learn Android programming step by step

In this course, we will be learning how to develop applications for the Android devices. We will be using Java as our programming language. We will spend some time learning how to setup the environment and the emulator. Then, we will go step by step into creating projects in Android Studio and previewing our work on the emulator. We will create examples that cover activities, views, layouts, resource management, and exchanging information between activities. By the time you are done with this course, you will have a solid foundation of creating Android applications.

  • Menu

    • 6

      Using the Menu

      In this lesson, we will talk about menus. First, we will see how the screen is structured, and where the action bar is (the menu is part of the action bar). Then, we will investigate the file structure and learn about the Java code. Watch this video
  • Activities

    • 7

      Multiple Activities

      In this lesson, we will start our discussion on creating multiple activities. We will also see the different issues about the new version of Android Studio installation and how to resolve them. Watch this video
    • 9

      More On Activities

      In this lesson, we will continue our discussion of activities. First of all we will create the two activities and get the menu options to work. Watch this video
    • 11

      Activities and their Lifecycle

      In this lesson, we will review the button and the event associated with it. Then, we will move to activities and their lifecycle. We will look at the stages the activity is going through. Watch this video
    • 12

      Activity Results

      In this lesson, we will see how to send data from one activity to another. In the main activity, the user will click a button to go to activity 2. There, the user will enter a password and click the done button. Watch this video
  • Fragments

    • 13

      Working With Fragments

      In this lesson, we will introduce fragments. Fragments are reusable components. We can create these types of controls to use them in different activities. Watch this video
  • Layouts

    • 14

      Working With LinearLayout

      In this lesson, we will talk about layouts. Today, we will see how to work with the LinearLayout (vertical and horizontal). We will also embed a horizontal layout within a vertical layout. Watch this video
    • 15

      Working With RelativeLayout

      In this video we will talk about weights given to each view and how that will impact the display in RelativeLayout. We will also add “View” to the left and right of a view to center it. Watch this video
    • 17

      Working With FrameLayout

      In this lesson, we will continue the example we started with the action bar. We will add some of the actions associated with the action bar items and also create another activity where we will display views within a FrameLayout. Watch this video